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Our members train every second Thursday night (the Thursday night the recyclable bins are put out) from 7:30.  Occasionally there is a need to train on Sundays, but we prefer to keep Sundays free for family time.  Anyone is welcome to come and talk to us on Thursday nights, to see what we do or ask the many questions you will have.  Please note that we do a lot of our training off site, so the earlier you come the more likely that someone will be there to talk to you.
Training starts with minimal skills involving  the many aspects of fire fighting, including how to pump water from a creek, tank or fire hydrant, radio procedures, and basic fire ground practices.  You will be on probation during your minimal skills training.  After the basic training, you will be invited to become a full member.  There are many different  paths you can follow including truck driving, radio operators, leadership, etc and these skills can also be intergrated into your normal day to day life.
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Training is not only within the brigade, but it can be with other CFA brigades, and other agencies such as SES, DELWP, Police, & Ambulance.  Fortunately Toolangi CFA has a very good relationship with DELWP, as a fair bit of our brigade area encompasses the Toolangi State Forest which is under the care of the DELWP, so we have to work together when a fire pops up in the forest. 
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