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Senior Members

Our members are a combination of farmers, professionals, stay at home mums/dads, tradies, & retirees.  Our members numbers over 50, but as a lot of our members work out of the area and are unavailable during the day,we are finding we have to rely more and more on our stay at home mums/dads and retirees as they are at home during the week.

In 2017, Toolangi Fire Brigade voted, Dawn Hartog, into the role of captain.  In doing this, they voted for their first female captain.  In Dawn's words, She is a proud advocate of volunteering in the local community, particularly with CFA Brigades.  "I love the team element of it.  Being part of a team, working together, helping each together, learning from each other, protecting each other.  I have an amazing little brigade in the hills.  The members there give so much of themselves, when many of us work off the hill.  I am very proud to be a member of Toolangi Fire Brigade, and I hope that I can do justice to the position of Captain, both for the membership, as well as our communities."

When members first join the brigade, they will be on a six month probation period, prior to the brigade asking you to become a full member.  During this period they will be required to attend a bushfire firefighter course.  The course will take 3 months to complete.  As we are only a small brigade, we usually do this in conjunction with other brigades in the area.  It will involve one night per week plus some weekends.  At the end of this course, members will be able to attend emergency turnouts.  Every year members will have to do certain training to retain their bushfire accreditation.  

Members don't have to turn out if they don't want to. Non operational members can help support the other members in many other and varied activities.  Some of these are administration, fundraising, maintenance, or community education, to name a few.




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