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Office Bearers

The brigade office bearers are elected by the members for a two year period.  Our present Bridge Mangement Team (BMT) was elected in 2017 and our next election is in April 2018 and the new BMT will begin their roles in July 2018.  

 A BMT is made up of members of the brigade, to assist with its success, as well as ensure that the brigade values the contribution of all its members. This group is appointed with delegated powers as ...nominated by the brigade to manage and administer the affairs of the brigade. The BMT consists of the elected and/or appointed officers of the brigade and any other members that are elected by the brigade as members of the management team.

 Over the 60 years since the brigade was estabished we have had only 7 captains.  Our first captain was (Charles) Alex Demy.  Alex was captain from the inception of the brigade in 1953 and filled the role until 1973 when Bruce McClements was elected.  Bruce was originally a member of the Coldstream brigade and moved to the Toolangi brigade in 1963. 

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Brigade Captains 1953-2018

Bruce stayed in the role of captain until 1994 when Peter McMahon was elected in 1994.  Peter remained in the position for 3 years, before resigning due to work commitments.  in 1997 Mick Van De Ven was elected and filled the position until 2001.  In the following years Jeff Cornell filled the captaincy role until 2007 when he stood down.  Due to the lack of suitable members to fill the role, the brigade elected Bruce McClements to be captain.  He accepted the role with the intention of filling it for 2 years.  In 2009 Ben Rose was elected and remained captain until 2017. 2017 saw our first female captain, Dawn Harthog, and She still serves to date.


Brigade captains 1973-2018
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