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Brigade Vehicles

The brigade didn't receive their first vehicle until 1968.  This was a CFA Willys 4WD vehicle.  It came to us from Strath Creek/Reedy Creek near Broadford and was one of several units imported from America in 1956 by the CFA.  

It was fitted with a 1,000 litre water tank along with a pump and hoses.  Toolangi doesn't have reticulated water so the water carrying capacity was a handicap at the time, but this vehicle had ample power and was highly manoeuvrable suitable for the rough terrian and bush around the Toolangi Area.  

One thing that affected some small rural brigades, was the lack of drivers capable of handling the Willeys.  As the members were farmers or in the logging industry, it was difficult to get them to train or drive the willys regularly.  As with most vehicles, it needs to be diven regularly, but this didn't happen and spent most of it's time in the shed.  This vehicle was with us for a number of years. 

Austin Small Town Unit

In 1975 the willys was replaced with a Austin Small Town Unit.  These vehicles were fitted with a 1800 litre water tank, and a high pressure pump.  We only had this vehicle for 12 months before being replaced with a later model.  The later Austin stayed with us for the next ten years.

Early in the 1980's, the brigade brought a trailer to carry a quick-fill pump, plus suction and delivery hoses, knapsacks, rakhoes etc., generator and flood lighting.  The trailer was essential due to the lack of reticulated water, and had the ability to draw water from farm dams, rivers, and house tanks.  The use of private vehicles were used to transport the trailer to incendents.

Hino 4x4 Tanker

The late 1980's saw the brigade approach the CFA with the intention of replacing the Austin with a tanker.  In 1987 our request was granted and we received an International 4WD tanker, and the Austin was taken out of service.  We had the International for 10 years until the CFA replaced it with a Hino 4x4 2,000 litre tanker.

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